My name is Corprew Reed and I’m an engineering manager, occasional entrepreneur, software engineer, and general arts & music enthusiast who lives in Seattle.  I’ve lived in Seattle for most of the last 20 or so years, and am fairly involved in my local community.

Lots of people ask, so:  Corprew is a Gaelic name;  you can find out more information about it here, the Irish form is Cairbre.

Professionally, I’m the CTO of Incantio, a startup based in Seattle, WA that provides Sync licensing to Indie Creators and Musicians. I’m also acting VP of Engineering of DataJoint, a Computational Neuroscience company based in Houston, TX.   I have been working with distributed and hybrid teams for over 20 years, so have lots of practical experiences working in the modern workspace.

You can schedule a meeting with me here, but in general it’s better to send email first if we don’t have a pre-existing relationship.  In particular if you are trying to sell me any sort of product or service, you should send email with details and wait for a reply before you try to schedule something.

If you don’t have another email address for me, you can email me at, where yyyy is the four digit year and mm is the two digit month, for example for January 2018.)

You can find me on twitter, linkedin, or github.