My name is Corprew Reed and I’m an engineering lead, occasional entrepreneur, software developer, and general arts & music enthusiast who splits time between Seattle and the (SF) Bay Area.  I’ve lived in Seattle for most of the last 20 or so years, but currently I’m about half time in the East Bay.

You might want to find me on twitter, linkedin, github, stackoverflow, or facebook.

I’m very enthusiastic about a number of different areas in technology, some of the ones I’m doing projects in as of September 2016 include bots, psychometrics, storytelling & games-playing in the real world, Psychogeography, & generally how we can make life better for all people.  Currently, I’m also dabbling a bit in machine learning.

A lot of the projects I’ve worked on recently have been Rails-based APIs backing a mobile app of some sort, whether that be music apps for artists (Freeform),  apps to help you learn about your friends (Wonder), or others that are still in development.  As of September 2016, I’m looking for a new position, whether that be a contract development gig or a engineering leadership position at a company.

I believe in participation in the community that I live in.  In the past, I’ve helped found and served on the board of arts non-profits and I’ve been volunteering actively for organizations in Seattle and Black Rock City, NV for the last two decades.  Currently, I’m one of the two facilitators of the Regional Ranger Network, a peer organization for Regional Ranger Networks around the world.  This grows out of my involvement in the Black Rock and Northwest Rangers for the last 18 years.  (Disclaimer: I am not a spokesperson for Burning Man on any subject.)